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Meet Jen

Manager of Everything Operational

I love playing board games! Whether it's spending time with my family, an evening with friends, or zooming with clients - playing games is an excellent way to have fun together!  


I’ve always loved playing games, whether it was outdoor sports or indoor board games, the challenges and adventure excites me.  In this new era where people are spending more time online socializing and doing business in front of a computer screen – I embrace it!

Growing up in Silicon Valley, I was the daughter of a Rocket Scientist, yes, a real Rocket Scientist! who introduced me to computers long before any of my friends.  He encouraged me to write basic codes and find the fastest way of solving a problem.   That early encouragement gave me the ability to evaluate systems and design customized solutions within any environment.  I’ve been able to put that to good use to grow and improve processes that improve our client experiences.

I met Laurie my freshman year at San Diego State in a Sign Language Lab class and we knew instantly that we would be lifelong friends.  Over the years Laurie and I worked together on and off at various companies throughout California over my career.  One of my more unusual jobs was to design and execute a Mystery Shopper program.  Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. – ask me about it someday, I have lots of fun stories!  

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When my husband and two boys moved back to San Diego, our working paths crossed again and I joined Laurie and the LS Investment Management℠ team!   What an adventure so far – and I’m excited about where we are headed. 

When I’m not working you will usually find me at home with my family and our friends.  I love that my house is the “hang out” house and we often host parties for holidays and even the PTSA planning meetings.   I’m very involved in my children's school with the most fun being the Fall Carnival Fundraiser.   I like bringing the FUN to fundraising so I focus an event that has everything from food trucks, dancing, Mario Kart challenges, cake walks, carnival games, face painting, crafts, and more!  

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Manager of Everything Operational   My title is Manager of Everything Operational because I’m involved with all aspects of our operations.  I answer your calls, schedule your strategy review meetings, get you quick access to your account online, and anything else you might need to ensure your information and partnership with our advisors is organized.  Behind the scenes I manage the day to day operations and ensure our branding is helpful, clear, and useful for you if you have someone in your life that needs a referral.  If they are important to you they are important to us – that’s one of our taglines and we stand behind it.

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