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Who We Are

At LS Investment Management℠, we provide financial advice for people just like you.

Our firm was founded on the belief that everyone needs a financial plan, but for many, getting started can seem overwhelming and intimidating. We aim to fix this by creating a warm, caring, and down-to-earth environment where you’re comfortable enough to ask the tough questions and allow us to give you honest answers. We’re always focused on the “whys” around financial planning: Family, Occupation, and Recreation.

Our clients range from college students to those in their 90s — rocket scientists to rock stars — and anyone who is serious about wanting help with their money. We have two requirements for our clients: they must be nice, and they must be fun. Our clients appreciate our caring and approachable attitude. We laugh, we cry, we hug, and we have chocolate in our lobby.

Whether you have questions about starting a budget or moving into retirement, we can work closely with you using our proprietary process, The Interlocking FORMula℠. We’re not about jargon or fancy industry terminology. We ARE about developing and maintaining a personalized strategy that can guide you toward your goals.

“Focus on today, but don’t forget about tomorrow.”

                                      -Warren Buffett

Beth Westburg, Managing Partner and Financial Advisor, was motivated to become a financial advisor after she decided to branch out from the corporate foundations she began her career on.   She joined her father Sam when he was ready to retire and wanted a trusted advisor to pass his clients to.  Beth is motivated to help others live up to their financial potential and avoid major financial mistakes.  This is a mission rooted in a lifetime of experiences, and one that influences her work, family life, and contributions in the community.  Today at LS Investment Management℠, Beth manages the financial planning process and helps identify client goals, recognizing some of those goals will change as your life unfolds and your needs evolve.  She and her team implement customized strategies all as a part of our proprietary process, The Interlocking FORMula℠.


In 2001, Laurie Lipman joined her family, Sam and Beth, after years of working for Bank of America and Airtouch (Verizon) in various financial duties.  Laurie, Managing Partner and Financial Advisor, now implements a wide array of strategies to help clients achieve a reasonable rate of return on their investments with an eye toward downside protection. Laurie goes deep into the details of the finances to help clients make sound financial decisions based on trust and confidence. Her goal is to help clients identify and pursue their financial objectives, which generally include, protecting their families through insurance and/or business, accumulating assets for retirement, and transferring wealth to loved ones. What people can gain from working with Laurie is confidence.  She builds strong client relationships that motivate people to be proactive about making those “tough” decisions. She thrives on sharing knowledge and working with business partners that believe in putting the client first.  By focusing on steady, consistent results with a well-thought-out plan, she helps give clients confidence in their retirement.

Fulfilling a critical role in our team is Jen Zertuche our Manager of Everything Operational.  Laurie and Jen met in college when they shared a sign language class and have been friends ever since.  She manages the firm’s day-to-day activities and enjoys researching best practices to streamline operations.  She's responsible for office logistics, account technology, coordinating strategy review meetings, and overall advisor support. She provides high-level customer service, keeps the office running smoothly, and creates a warm and caring environment.

As LS Investment Management℠ continues to cultivate our clients, we brought on Carole MacDonald as our Manager of Client Experiences. Carole coordinates client onboarding, special projects, educational seminars, and client social events. She ensures everything related to our client events is taken care of, from idea conception to programming and day-of logistics.

We are so happy to have Nicole Sargent as part of our team as our Financial Planning Services Manager.  Nicole will be working closely with our clients during their planning process.  Nicole has her Series 7 and insurance license and will assist the team with operational and client services.  Nicole is also managing our insurance business whether it is life insurance, annuities, or long term care. 

The cornerstone of our success can be conveyed in the four simple practices of our firm we call FORM: Family, Occupation, Reach out to help others, and what Matters to you! These FORMula℠´s for business and life are rooted in LS Investment Management℠’s foundation. They’re echoed in every decision we make to help achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams, whatever they may be. Check out our Dream Wall to see what our clients have achieved. We sincerely mean it when we say, “we’re in this together!” It’s a phrase that not only applies to our clients, but to each other.

We’re Focused On YOU

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